The Programme

What We Do

CFF has established a programme designed to improve the quality of life of Bali orphans. This programme incorporates a combination of skills – from reading and writing, to meditation and self-belief. We believe that these valuable tools will help orphans create a brighter, more exciting future for themselves.

The Programme Contains:

Bali orphans

Orientation Camp - three days

We begin each programme with a three-day, two-night orientation camp. Having this camp allows all the children to bond, create new friendships, and most importantly of all, trust the people who will be responsible for them during the time they will be learning with us. We allow three days to be fully acquainted with everyone, including caretakers, so we can communicate effectively and use the rest of the time we have together efficiently.

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Weekly English Class – three hours

Teaching children how to read, write and speak English is one of the greatest gifts we can give to increase employment opportunities later in life, and ultimately to create a brighter future. By playing games, singing songs and learning outside of a standard classroom, our English classes allow children to have fun while learning.

The professional English teachers at CFF know that learning English as a second language can be difficult, which is why we enlist professional English teachers from EduCare Bali to teach the English language in a fun and inviting way.

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Make a difference

Weekly Yoga Class – two hours

Yoga has many positive therapeutic effects on children and among other things, is said to reduce stress and anxiety, balance energy, increase concentration and attention span, develop discipline and self-control, build confidence and self-esteem, and support individuality and self-expression.

Having this skill in later life will allow these children to handle challenging situations in a calm and collected way, so they can take a positive mental attitude in the face of life’s hurdles.

Each Yoga Class includes:

  • Beginner meditation
  • Introduction yoga stretches
  • Simple yoga poses
  • Additional advanced yoga poses with options
  • Relaxation and reflection

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Fortnightly Surfing Lesson – four hours

Surfing has been said to have positive therapeutic effects on children as it reduces anxiety, promotes confidence, builds self-esteem and enhances wellbeing. Being on a surfboard allows children to focus on the present moment, which in turn helps clear the mind and improve concentration.

Professional teachers who not only ensure the safety of the children, but also make learning fun, lead our surf classes!

Each surfing lesson includes:

  • At least two professional Instructors at every surf lesson
  • At least one volunteer to every two children. More often than not we have more volunteers, which is amazing!
  • Review of surfing technique
  • Warm up yoga stretching before entering the water
  • 2.5 hours of surfing
  • Snacks and drinks

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You Decide

These children need your help. We are looking for people who want to help raise awareness, volunteer and donate. CFF exists to change lives. We aim to help as many children in need as possible, but we are in need of support from others who care as much as we do. Donate to CFF and you will make a powerful difference to helping the children of Bali create a better future for themselves.