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Jen's Story

We wanted to change the direction of their lives and give them the ability, (just like I had) to live the life of their dreams

Having started out life as an orphan, I’ve always felt a connection with other orphaned children. After visiting a number of orphanages in Bali and seeing for myself how limited the children’s access was to things that the average person takes for granted – such as education, sport and emotional support – I realised how lucky I had been to be adopted and receive a great education.

The bleak futures that these orphans might have without the gift of schooling, really struck a chord in my heart and was the catalyst that inspired me to create Creating Futures Foundation (CFF).

I wanted to change the direction of their lives and give them the ability to live the life of their dreams, just like I had. While interacting with the orphans I discovered that many of them had major self-esteem issues and fear of acceptance, which is why we’ve created a holistic programme that begins with an outdoor activities camp to tackle any self-limiting beliefs they have. Without this camp, the education components of the programme would not be as effective.

Our mission is to transform the course of these children’s lives by enabling them to see hope, to believe in themselves, to dream and to act on those dreams in confidence, knowing that they can achieve them. Ultimately we want to take this full circle and create a micro industry in East Bali where the poorest villages are, and where many of the families reside who cannot afford to raise their children. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the amount of orphans in Bali by creating a source of income and industry for these impoverished villages.

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